Happy Customers

We operate on a very basic budget, but we still strive to provide much need support and educational services to the homeless families and children we serve. It is a relief knowing that we don't need to cut services in order to pay the heating bills.
Susan Hamilton, Executive Director at Crossroads Family Center
Since we have been enrolled in this program we have been able to provide a warm, comfortable and clean environment for individuals to call home who would be otherwise out on the street. It has been a joy working with such great people in the Citizens Energy program.
Jayne F. Carbone, CEA at Chelsea Community Center
The program has been an enormous help in allowing us to utilize funds for expanding and sustaining our services for the homeless that would otherwise be needed to cover heating costs in several of our facilities. We deeply appreciate Citizens help.
Jason Shaplen, CEO of Inspirica, Inc.
Over 800,000 residents have been warmed by the Shelter Heating Assistance Program.
$1 million
New equipment upgrades financed through the Shelter Heating Assistance Program save an estimated $1 million annually in energy bills.
200 shelters
The Shelter Heating Assistance Program serves over 200 shelters in 11 states.